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Our goal is to promote a healthy and safe way to transport, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors through a system of greenway corridors, trails, paths, and designated on-road bikeways. We work closely with local government agencies and planners to accomplish this goal.

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South Shore Trails is a coalition of grassroot advocates and local communities encouraging environmentally friendly, alternative transportation and recreation for all citizens. We are committed to enhancing the health, economics, and quality of life through the development of greenway and trail corridors and bicycle-friendly roads. We empower local governments and citizens by indentifying opportunities and resources, exchanging information, and providing education, promotion, and regional coordination.

Envision living in a region where you can step out of your house onto an environmentally friendly, safe route that provides you with a healthy way to live, work and play. Imagine a connected system of greenway corridors, linear parks and bicycle friendly roads that link your schools, parks and businesses to residents of all ages and abilities enhancing the resources, health, economics, and quality of life in the area…. It is here in the Calumet Region.


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